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Welcome to the Red Cabinet. Options
Posted: Friday, September 7, 2007 8:41:20 AM

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The Red Cabinet, Mk. II
(a.k.a. The Second Red Cabinet, OR, The New Red Cabinet)

Hello, all, for what may be the second time to some of you, and the first to many more, and welcome to the new Red Cabinet.

The first thing you should know, is that the Red Cabinet will be everything it once was (you can read my original welcome from two years ago below), and hopefully much more. How much more? Well, hopefully enough "more" that some of the more intricate mysteries of The Raw Shark Texts can be resolved. I think, however, that it's become clear that to truly understand this text, one needs to move outside of the book. To foreign editions, related media on the web, yes, but also into the other works of Steven Hall, both already existing and upcoming.

And so, it is my hope, to within this forum, cull the work, ideas, and discovery from all over the rest of the forum, and collect it into one place. This is simply a place of documentation, and unless stated explicitly, I do not take credit for any information contained here.

And so I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to the New Red Cabinet.


Peter Van Brunt, February 27, 2009


The Red Cabinet, Mk. I

Hello, all.

My inclination towards organization has been both a blessing and a curse. But for every time the sight of a messy bookshelf, you get appointed to head of the Unspace Explorations Filing Committee. Well, maybe not every time.

That said, this space will serve as a go-to resource for all known Raw Shark Text negatives and oddities.

"What is a negative?" you ask.

In the condensed words of Mr. Hall himself: "For each chapter in The Raw Shark Texts there is, or will be, an un-chapter, a negative."

And of course, and perhaps most importantly, "The negatives are not deleted scenes, they are very much a part of the novel but they are all splintered from it in some way."

And so, what began as an extensive private collections of odds and ends from mediums both virtual and physical, the complete, known collection of Raw Stark Texts Negatives is now available to you, dear reader.

Each topic on this forum, one devoted to each Negative, contains a variety of information. Where the negative was first found, the content of it, pictures (or links to them) etc. I think you will be pleased with what has been put together already.

That said, as you can see, the collection is far, very far, from being complete. If you happen to spot a Negative, be it in cyberspace or unspace alike, be sure to let me know. Your contribution will be added with all due haste.

Thank you.

-Peter Van Brunt
Posted: Friday, September 7, 2007 9:00:38 PM
Rank: Unspace Science Committee
Groups: Shoal , Unspace Science Committee

Joined: 1/24/2009
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thank YOU peter!
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