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Thoughts on adaptations / how would you adapt The Raw Shark Texts? Options
Posted: Saturday, December 12, 2009 10:48:08 PM
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As I was reading through TRST (and enjoying it immensely) I was pondering this issue. See, I went into it already with the knowledge that it was going to be converted to celluloid, and therefore could not help but imagine how certain scenes would play out on the big screen. I think a lot of people are correct in saying it could possibly be a disaster, and I agree with Stephen that Watchmen was almost superfluous because of how similar it was to the source material.

That said, I think it's definitely possible to do this book justice. Several things in particular struck me:
The way that the Ludovician appears could incorporate text as it does in the book, but to a much lesser extent, I think. As a conceptual being, I got the feeling it manifested sort of through whatever media is presenting it. So whenever I imagined a scene being converted to film, I imagined the shark as sort of 'warping' the physical objects around it, breaking them down conceptually. Since in the book the Ludovician breaks into the world via words, I thought it would be cool if it sort of 'bulged' through reality in the movie, maybe taking on characteristics of its surroundings; eg, a carpet floor suddenly erupting a carpet shark. I also like the idea of objects that should be solid suddenly taking on characteristics of water, like a tiled floor suddenly rippling and showing waves.

I envisioned the scene of the first attack as working well in a possible movie. I think in film, if they could manage the 'contradiction' of Eric being submerged in water in his own living room, it would be very cool. In that scene I always pictured him still being able to see the walls and ceiling, and of course the light from the motion detector, but still being unable to force himself to conceptualize the floor as solid again. Done right, that could be amazing on screen. Almost an optical illusion, look at it one way and you see a living room, but look at it a different way and you see an ocean in the middle of nowhere with a star above. I hope that many scenes could be done with this contradiction in mind.

Well, either way it turns out, I'm looking forward to the movie.
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