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Steven Hall
Posted: Saturday, March 21, 2009 7:09:03 PM

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I thought a useful threads sticky might be helpful for new users finding their way around these ever-growing Raw Shark boards.
So here it is :)


Clio vs Scout - readers' theories on the relationship between Clio and Scout *spoilers*

Hidden Easter Eggs in the Book - Found something, or want to see what others have found? *spoilers*

Chapter Title Meanings *spoilers*

Character Name Meanings *spoilers*

Ludovician - discussion of the shark and its name *spoilers*

The Ending - speculation on the ending of The Raw Shark Texts *spoilers*

Editions - discuss the different editions of the novel

What are Raw Shark Texts Negatives? - beyond the covers of the book: fragments, negatives, un-chapters.

Negatives - discussions and discoveries relating to the missing sections of The Raw Shark Texts *spoilers*


The Red Cabinet - Read-only forum where all Raw Shark Texts discoveries and negatives are archived by mod CpVb006. *wall-to-wall spoilers*


Fearful Symmetry - Senen Antonio's essay on the symmetrical nature of The Raw Shark Texts, with additions from other forum members.

Endless Text - fragments from an academic paper exploring new media technologies in The Raw Shark Texts by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth.

The Aesthetic of Bookishness - article by Jessica Pressman discussing the way in which The Raw Shark Texts responds as a paper novel to new media and ‘the death of the book’.

Italo Calvino & Steven Hall - essay exploring the relationship between The Raw Shark Texts and Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium, from

Other Things

Raw Shark Texts Tattoos

Have fun, stay safe and please don't feed the fish.


Posted: Monday, March 23, 2009 9:39:14 PM

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There seems to be alot of new members.
Good thread Steven. Much needed!
Steven Hall
Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 3:08:36 PM

Rank: Whale Shark
Groups: Shoal , Whale Shark

Joined: 1/24/2009
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Location: UK

A few new links added, and we've also been doing a few fixes to broken links.
Let us know if you find something that doesn't work and we'll do our best to fix it!
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